Yamaha FT25F 4 Stroke High thrust outboard 25hp

Buying information Part Number: FT25ETL £5,578.00 inc VAT

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Yamaha FT25F 4 Stroke High thrust outboard 25hp

Product information

Whether you're a recreational boat owner or a busy professional, choose the engine that will help you get more out of your boat, whatever the conditions.

Every engine in the Yamaha FT range uses the very latest Yamaha marine technologies, including the patented Dual-Thrust propeller – offering maximum thrust in both Forward and Reverse, it provides effortless manoeuvrability and easy stopping, even over short distances.
And, without compromising on power, performance or usability, Yamaha's specially designed marine engines also help to preserve the environment through the use of pioneering clean-burn technologies.

CDI/TCI Ignition Systems

Because you want the fun to start as soon as you get on to the water, Yamaha ignition systems are constructed from solid state components. With no moving parts, they deliver reliable starting and consistent performance time after time – characteristics that every Yamaha outboard shares.

High-output alternators

Why Choose yamahaNever get left short. A standard feature on our FT series of outboard engines, a High-output alternator ensures that power is always available to start the engine – even after prolonged periods of idling or when you've been running at low revs and using numerous accessories.

'Start-in-gear' protection

With this kind of power, a false start can be an uncomfortable experience. But Yamaha's 'Start-in-gear' protection eradicates the worry. On Manual Start models, the starter is locked when any gear other than Neutral is engaged. On Electric Start versions, the power supply to the starter motor is isolated until Neutral is selected.

Advanced warning systems

Yamaha engines are renowned for their reliability and for how well they hold their value. Warning systems on all FT series engines measure oil pressure, engine temperature and other key variables to provide clear audio/visual warnings of any problems. If a fault occurs, RPM are automatically reduced, to protect your engine as you head for shore.

Shallow Water Drive system

Cruise towards the shore with confidence thanks to Yamaha's Shallow Water Drive system. Offering ample protection for your propeller, it allows you to get as close as you need to be, no matter whether you're cruising a murky lake or the crystal clear shallows of the sea.

Fresh Water Flushing system

An easy-access, front-mounted connector allows you to easily flush salt and dirt from the waterways without having to run the engine: just connect a hose and you're ready to go. This is a very efficient way to reduce corrosion and extend the life of your outboard.

The Yamaha 4-Stroke Advantage

Yamaha FT series engines combine features such as maximum reverse thrust and heavy-duty durability with all the benefits of 4-stroke technology – namely, economy and smoothness, as well as being gentler on the environment. We're proud that all Yamaha marine engines are designed from scratch, with the marine customer firmly in mind.

Yamaha's Ideal Anti-corrosion Protection

You need an engine you can rely on and Yamaha outboards are renowned for their durability – which also means they hold their value. While a unique YDC-30 aluminium alloy protects the engine's exterior parts, a zinc coating, high-quality stainless steel, and 5-stage exterior coating offer long-lasting protection - inside and out.


Technical Specification

Engine type4-stroke
Displacement498 cm³
No. of cylinders/Configuration2/In-line
Bore x stroke65.0 mm x 75.0 mm
Prop shaft output at mid range18.5kW / 5,500 rpm
Full throttle operating range5,000 - 6,000 rpm
Lubrication systemWet sump
Electronic Fuel InjectionEFI
Ignition / advance systemTCI/Micro-Computer
Starter systemElectric
Gear ratio2.42 (29/12)
Recommended boat L:508mm