Volvo Penta D2-40 marine diesel engine 40hp

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Volvo Penta D2-40 marine diesel engine 40hp

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D1 and D2 Series - a new standard for yacht comfort
The new Volvo Penta D1 and D2 series are designed with priority for highest comfort onboard.
Low cruising rpm gives quiet running and low vibrations, and exhaust emissions are extremely low. Compact size means easy installation, and the 115 A alternator with a built-in charging sensor provides rapid charging for onboard electrical needs. Setting a new standard for yacht comfort.
The base engine is developed for industrial applications for heavy and medium duty and marinized for the highest marine demands. This guarantees a reliable engine with a long service life.

Service Life
The D1-13 is fitted with freshwater cooling as standard. This reduces internal corronsion and enables the engine to maintain a consistent and optimal working temperature under all conditions. To avoid galvanic corrosion the engine is equipped with a unique electrical isolation between engine and S-drive.

Smooth running with very low vibration levels is achieved through a dynamically balanced design incorporating a flywheel of high rotating mass and high efficiency rubber isolation.
The new engine with re-designed combustion chambers and lower engine speed 2800-3200 rpm together with the new inlet air silencer gives the highest comfort on board.
The noise is reduced by 3-4 dBA. The engine’s high torque provides excellent operating characteristics to aid maneuvering, particularly in confined spaces. Additional on board comfort features are available from an extensive range of matched accessories.

Charging capacity
The new 11 5A alternator with an electronic sensor makes it possible to use a higher battery capacity and have fully charged batteries on board. Even at idle speed, the alternator gives more than 35A, and at cruising speed it delivers approx. 100A.


Six matched transmission options are available, each built for durability and smooth running.


An advanced combustion system increases fuel burning efficiency to minimize noxious exhaust emissions and enhance overall enjoyment of boating. The Dl -13 is certified according to BSO, SAV, RCD and EPA 2


Technical Specification

Engine designationD2-40
Crankshaft power, kW (hp)29.1 (39.6)
Propeller shaft power, kW (hp)27.9 (38.0)
Engine speed, rpm2800-3200
Displacement, l (in^3)1.51 (92.1)
Number of cylinders4
Bore / stroke, mm (in)77/81 (3.03/3.19)
Compression ratio23.5:1