Vetus VF4.140E Marine diesel engine 140hp

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Vetus VF4.140E Marine diesel engine 140hp

Product information

 This range of Vetus marine diesel engines is based on ultramodern 4 and 5 cylinder common rail blocks. Developed and built especially for planing and semi-planing boats, the new VF rand is compact, lightweight and has lots of power and torque. With outputs from 140 to 250hp, reliability and fuel efficiency were other major considerations when developing these new engines.

This waterproof Vetus instrument panel, provided with 6 control-lights, a combined tacho / hourmeter, temperature gauge, an acoustic alarm and the starter switch, is standard supply. Instead of the engine panel shown, one of the other Vetus engine panels may be supplied. An engine panel for a second steering position may be supplied as well.


Electronic engine control

Electronic engine control module EC312 is used with the Vetus VF range of engines. The engine control may be used for single or twin electronically controlled engines, together with a mechanically or electrically controlled gearbox or stern drive. The connection between the handle and the control box utilizes CAN-bus technology. This enables serveral controls to be connected in a single system. Depending on the control type, the following functions are possible:

  • Synchronous control of twin engines
  • Starting engine without engaging drive
  • Trim control for sterndrive



Technical Specification

Configuration4 - Stroke cycle, twin camshaft, 16 valves
Max output at crankshaft103kW (140hp) at 4000 rpm
Bore x Stroke82 x 90.4mm
Cylinders4 inline
Combustion systemdirect injection common rail
Starting system 12V - 2.1 kW
Alternator12V - 105A
Cooling systemindirect cooling system with heat exchanger
Max. mounting inclination14 degrees
Dry weight with gearbox265kg
Environmentalmeets comprehensive EU emission regulations 2006
Engine mountingsrubber type anit-vibration mounting