Vetus Quick-Fit Waste Water Tank 40 litre

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Vetus Water Tank Kit

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Vetus Quick-Fit Waste Water Tank 40 litre

Product information

This tank is made of high-grade linear polythene materials. The centre point for a SAE flange gauge sender is incorporated in the moulding together with 5 blind bolt holes. The relevant gauge sender should be ordered seperately and the appropriate hole cut in the tank. This tank will save considerable installation time!

Supplied with the following connections: Fixed hose connector 19 mm for the breather line. Rotating hose connector 38mm with pick up pipe, for waste water suction. A 42 mm hole is provided for easy installation of an inlet fitting, type RT..B. This should be ordered seperately according to the inlet hose diameter. If required, additional inlet fittings may also be installed. These tanks come complete with a screw down inspection lid installed. Provided with ISO 8099 identification.