Vetus Electric Toilet SMTO2 12V

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Vetus Electric Toilet SMTO2 12V

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Vetus Electric Toilet SMTO2 12V

Product information

Compact a super quiet 12V electric toilet with a similar footprint to popular manual toilets.

All VETUS toilets are equipped with an electric pump, which will macerate the contents and evacuate it in about 7 seconds. VETUS toilets are both quick and quiet in operation (61dB(A)).

Main features:

  • A stylish and ergonomic porcelain bowl with an easy clean seat and lid of similar dimensions to a normal domestic toilet.
  • A combined pump / macerator unit with a diameter of 96 mm.
  • 300 Watts - capacity of 36 l/min at 3 metres head
  • A dual-flush system.
    1. ECO: 1.2 litres.
    2. NORMAL: 2.2 litres.
  • Supplied as standard with an electronic control panel.
  • We recommend that the flush water be drawn from the main pressurized fresh water system. Alternatively, a separate pump and fine filter can be installed to draw seawater from outside the boat.
  • The waste water holding tank may be positioned up to 3 metres above the toilet discharge connection. The maximum length of ø 19 mm discharge hose can be up to 30 metres. li>Both discharge pump types are easily accessible for occasional cleaning if required. The pump with the separate macerator is provided with a grille to prevent coarse matter reaching the pump.
  • All toilets are provided with a water lock and non-return valve in the discharge line.