Vetus Electric Marine Toilets WCL

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Vetus Electric Marine Toilets WCL

Product information

All Vetus Toilets are equiped with an electric pump, which will macerate the content and evacuate it in about 7 seconds. They are available in 12 or 24 Volt DC versions or alternatively, for 120 or 230 Volt AC. Vetus toilets are both quick and quiet in operation (61dB(A)).

The main features of Vetus electric toilets are:

  • A stylish and ergonomic porcelain bowl with an easy clean seat and lid of similar dimensions to a normal domestic toilet.
  • The internal diameter of the outlet pipe is only 19 mm. This means that he toilet can be located in any convenient position aboard and can be connected simply to the waste water tank, using Vetus sanitaion hose type SAHOSE

All 12 and 24 Volt Vetus electric toilets have the following specifications:

  • models WCL, WCS and SMTO, have a combinded pump / macerator unit with a diameter of 96 mm. Model HATO has a spearate pump and a 98mm diameter macerator.
  • The pump motor powe is 300 Watts and it has a capcity of 36 l/min at 3 metres head.
  • A dual-flush system. The ECO button on the control panel will flush 2.2 litres of water. The NORMAL button will flush 2.2 litres. By pressing and holding the evaucation button, these toilets can be discharged without flushing. This is particularly useful to prevent overflowing on a heeled sailing boat.
  • Supplied as standard with an electronic control panel.

All 120 and 230 volt AC Vetus electronic toilets have the following specifications:

  • A separate pump and 98 mm diameter macerator.
  • The pump motor power is 500 Watts and it has a capacity of 42 l/min at 3 metres head.
  • A single flush system which flushes approximately 5.5 litres of water.
  • A pneumatically operated push button.

We recommend that hte flush water be drawn from the main pressurised fresh water system. Alternatively, a separate pump and fine filter can be installed to draw seawater from outside the boat.