Vetus Bullflex 12 flexible couplings

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Vetus Bullflex 12  flexible couplings

Product information

The Vetus Bullflex flexible coupling provides a conclusive answer to the increasing demand of greater boating comfort. The Bullflex coupling has been especially designed to ensure optimum damping of vibrations. Torsonal vibrations which are due to cycle irregularities (especially at low revs) are smoothed out extreamely efficiently, owing to its very flexible rubber element. This pre-tensioned rubber element ensures low noise and vibration free transmission, without backlash between the engine and the propeller shaft. The Bullflex coupling is secured against shearing off, both axially and radially, thus ensuring safe transmission under all circumstances.

Another strong point of the Bullflex coupling in the excellent alignment of hte propeller shaft. Perfect alignment of engine and propeller shaft. Perfect alignment of engine and propeller shaft often tends to be a rather time consuming affair, but the Bullflex comes to the aid of the installation engineer. Even with a misalignment of 2 degrees, the shaft will remain perfectly centered onto the flange of the reverse gearbox. On account of a special centering ring, high shaft revolutions are entirely possible and even in reverse gear, the shaft will remain perfectly centered. The non-tapered clamping hub ensures easy installation and - probably even more important: easy dismantling of the shaft assembly. This in contrast with a tapered clamping hum. Costly machining of hte shaft, such as tapering and keyway cutting is not longer required. Just cut the shaft to length, free of burrs, degrease and install.