Yanmar 6LPA-STP2 marine diesel engine 315 hp

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Yanmar 6LPA-STP2 marine diesel engine 315 hp

Product information

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LP Series 191–233kW (260–315HP) In-line six-cylinder Yanmar diesels, including sterndrive models. Overhead camshaft design develops maximum power at lower engine speeds, allowing smaller, smoother-running propellers. The water-cooled turbo with wastegate really makes things happen when the throttle lever is pushed forward hard. LP Series 6LPAM-STP (315HP/232kW) Four valves for each of the six cylinders on this high performing diesel engine. Turbocharged, aftercooled and direct injection. Supplied as bob-tail unit so that you can choose your transmission type.

Technical Specification

Power (crankshaft)232 kW (315 hp) @ 3800 rpm
Continuous rating (crankshaft)188 kW (255 hp) @ 3600 rpm
Displacement4.163 litres
Bore x stroke94 mm x 100 mm
Cylinders6 in line
Valves4 valves per cylinder
Combustion systemDirect injection
Starting systemElectric
Electrical system12 volt, 2.5 kW
Alternator12 volt, 80 amp
Cooling systemFresh water
Lubrication systemForced